Moles & Voles

What's Making Holes in Your Yard?

What's Making Holes in Your Yard?

Find out with our pest control company based in Annapolis & Severna Park, MD serving surrounding areas

Have you found something strange in your yard? It may have started with a few small mounds of dirt, but now you have holes and tunnels littering your lawn. Old Bay Pest Control knows what's making them.

You have an infestation of moles or voles. You can count on our pest control company to identify them on your property and provide pest control services to get rid of them in Annapolis, Severna Park, MD & surrounding areas.

You can trust us to:

  • Use eco-friendly treatments that keep your yard healthy
  • Provide spur-of-the-moment treatments when pests appear
  • Provide ongoing pest control services to manage a long-term infestation
Plus, we'll help you learn about preventing infestation. E-mail now to schedule mole and vole pest control services.

How can we keep moles and voles off your property?

Prevention is one of the specialties of our pest control company. We can recommend plants that repel these invaders or use insecticides to get rid of the bugs and grubs that moles eat. Ask our pros for prevention advice right away.