Could Termites Be Lurking in Your Home?

Could Termites Be Lurking in Your Home?

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Are termites stressing you out? Eating you out of house and home? You are not alone. Termites cause billions of dollars in damage per year, and home owners spend over two billion dollars to stop them. You only see termites come swarm once a year but they are eating 365 days a year. Call Old Bay Pest Control today and be pest free & stress free tomorrow! We guarantee it!

3 signs you have termites

Termites like to snack on wood, so they often live under your deck or in your walls. Because of this, it can be hard to spot a termite problem. However, there are a few signs you need termite control services, such as:

  1. Exterior wood or tree damage
  2. Soft clicking noises in your walls
  3. Wood that sounds hollow when tapped

Don't wait to call in the pros when you see signs of termites. Schedule an appointment for termite treatment today.